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Are house plants good for your skin?

If you are anything like me, owning a house plant is a serious commitment. If they make it past 6 months of life, it's usually because they're either located close to the bathroom and get the odd waft of steam, or they're the type of plant that only needs watering twice a year. Mostly however, I start off with good intension, but they end up suffering a long, painful death from dehydration.

I love interior design, and find so much pleasure in playing around with colours and textures in my home and clinic. One key ingredient to a great indoor space, is bringing in some nature in the form of a house plant or 10. If you can remember to water it, feed it and keep it in reach of enough sunlight, a plant can make a space come alive.. literally. As well as looking great, it purifies the air in your home, filling it with oxygen, which lead me to think what the impact this has on your skin.

So, are house plants good for your skin?

ABSOLUTELY. Firstly, a plant adds moisture to the air which helps to reduce dry and cracked skin. Hydrated skin means less wrinkles, less redness and overall healthy, fresh complexion. Of course, your still need a great skincare routine, you can't turn your bedroom into a rainforest and expect to wake up looking 10 years younger. But, our pores soak up so much dirt, grease and pollution, and is hugely effected by the air surrounding us and change in weather/ temperature, so adding some natural air cleansers to your home could work to counteract some of these outside factors.

So if you haven't already, I recommend ditching the artificial flower arrangements and adding a few real plants to your home or office. It might just make a small difference to your skin!

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