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Is it the end of the trout pout?

The 2010s saw the celebrity world plumping up their lips in a ' the bigger the better' fashion. With stars such as Kylie Jenner paving the way to a new craze of lip fillers to create the ultimate pout. The phrase "trout pout" was used to describe the over filled lip look, and often became the expectation of what anyone who has dermal filler lip augmentation would look like- how wrong could they be!?

A fuller lip by dermal filler can certain enhance beauty, certainly if you have larger facial features or a more defined facial structure. But the popularity of the over-enhanced lips is dwindling and a more natural lip is showing it's face.

A well executed lip filler result should look natural. Many new injecting techniques have allowed for practitioners to enhance the natural shape and structure of the lip, but creating a fuller, well-proportioned aesthetic, staying well away from the 'trout pout'.

Of course it is a personal preference, but don't be put off by the media/ general public view on lip filler. It is typically those who have 'noticeable' results that people associate with dermal filler, whilst the natural results fly under the radar looking fabulous.

At Lumina clinic, we offer a detailed consultation, to discuss your desired look and treatment expectations. It is important to involve you in the decision process along the way, to ensure that you are happy with the end result. We are a home clinic based in Oxshott, Surrey, but welcome clients from the local area including Cobham, Claygate, Esher, Weybridge, Leatherhead, Chessington & Epsom.

For anymore questions about lip filler or any of our dermal filler treatments at Lumina Clinic, please contact

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