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Fighting the Aesthetic negativity and launching Lumina!

Firstly, thank you so much to everyone who has supported the start of Lumina Clinic, just being here and reading this means a lot!

I thought I'd start by talking about how we began and my thoughts on aesthetics!

I always wanted to 'grow old gracefully' and be a 'natural beauty', but the more I thought about it, what does that really mean? I had seen the covers of magazines with a beautiful woman on the beach with perfectly proportioned features, and glossy blonde hair, thinking how wonderful it would be to look that way. But I wouldn't think about the hours of hair and makeup, skin treatments, tanning, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, that went in to creating this 'natural' look. Beauty is is feeling, 100%, and it should be celebrated whatever shape/ size/ look you have, but what matters most is the way you feel on the inside. If you feel that looking after yourself in one area, or having a little helping hand makes you feel more confident and glowing on the inside then GO FOR IT. People certainly shouldn't need to feel ashamed for having a little confidence booster here or there.

I decided to shut out the negativity that I had heard for years around having fillers and went for my first lip filler treatment several years ago. Not only did it feel it balanced my face, alongside my other larger features, I felt confident, sexy and actually enjoyed looking into the mirror and taking selfies! Of course, I went for a more natural look as thats what I prefer, but i shortly went back for tear through fillers and botox. I haven't looked back. I now regularly have botox treatments, lip fillers and tear through fillers and would be open to more treatments in the future if I felt it would make me feel better as I age.

When I opened Lumina Clinic, my main goal was to create a safe environment for those like myself were nervous to venture into the world of aesthetics for fear of 'what it might look like' ' what people might say' 'whether it will look fake'. I felt the home clinic set up was the perfect space to spend much needed time and care on making each client feel important, whilst maintaining a calm, relaxing space. Based in Oxshott in Surrey, we have clients from Cobham, Esher, Leatherhead, Claygate, Surbition, Epsom and Dorking who prefer that personalised touch. We offer anti-wrinkle injections (using Botox), Dermal fillers, including marionette lines, lip filler, cheek filler, jawline filler, chin filler as well as fat freezing and facials. New treatments such as profhilo and profhilo body coming soon!

We would love to welcome you for a consultation/ phone call, a cup of tea and some honest advise!

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